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I think it's funny how i'm the only guy on this community...

why is this community so dead? Watch it work out soon...just watch. So today was pretty good, I guess. I kinda talked to my band director on a person to person level rather than a band director to student deal..he said that he was on the computer last night in the band hall, and saw my candy and started eating it...and that he thought it was good...? Kind of weird. Today turned out better than I thought. I thought I was going to be tired from the crappy football game yesterday, but w/e...not toooo horrible. Well i'm done with this I guess. Everybody is at the movies seeing The Exorcism of Emily Rose...I really didn't want to see that movie. That crap scares the hell outta me. I tried watching the original Exorcist one time when I was younger and I almost died. I'd just rather not see that...ok well i'm really done now. Later
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