Allison Scott (lovewithoutlust) wrote in coming___clean,
Allison Scott

Mod/Accepting People/Promoting

Okay everyone..

I understand that Diana just moved, and DSL has been a bitch (I had the same problem), and I don't even know where Megan has been.

But I'm just wondering if we should add a new mod (cough me) because it's kinda ridiculous for people to post apps and shit, if there isn't going to be someone to accept them for weeks. Also, we need promotion, but again, if the mods are hardly on, what's the point if people can't be accepted/rejected?

Just a thought to chew on.

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ahhh i just cleaned this place up
(deleted people that havent posted apps and such)
I got this unda control allison.

and i'm taking care of applications right now.

so you can rest peacefully now. :)
Thank you Diana.

You know how i care for the people.

Things have been crap lately
and I don't have access to computers all the time.
They are both in my parents room
& they have them locked so
I can't get on.
not my fault.